In the face of Net Neutrality, large web companies benefit because they can afford to transition from content providers to web portals, thereby creating an oligopoly with limited competition around their particular niche - left king on the mountain after dust settles. Today, there is an Equal Plain of Competition among Established Websites and Upcoming Authors/Bloggers.

Upcoming Web Authors and Established Portals will soon be charged a fee by local internet service providers, reflecting how much local bandwith consumption their content is responsible for. Overnight web success stories will be impossible because of this expensive fee.

Because Government rules whether local service providers can charge content providers for "bandwith responsibility", an opportunity is in place for local non-profits and communities to prosper from monies extracted from the traditional model. The Government has the power to step in and Quantify Consumption Patterns by Keyword, then distribute tax revenue accordingly to geographically affiliated Non-Profits (i.e. All the consumption of Palm Tree web pages from computer/cellphone screens located in Miami Beach should generate "net neutrality tax revenue" to plant more Palm Trees in Miami Beach).