Web prototype development for PlayStation Network including PlayStation®Store, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Vue, PlayStation™Music, PlayStation™Video and more
Espacio para madres curiosas, madres que se cuestionan las cosas, que son tolerantes y buenas negociantes, relajadas, divertidas, apasionadas, y emprendedoras
Javascript Application Development for On Demand & Live Video Development with DASH.js including HTML5 Video broadcasting tags <video> <track> <audio> <source> .mpd & .vtt
Web application development with Facebook React. CSS3 animation characters on a stage canvas for a happy and sad emotion. React Classes piping arguments and functions to set emotion state
click character to change emotion
Guide museum guests through hands-on learning animation techniques while following protocal defined by Disney University customer service magic. Learning story-telling, management and morals from Walter Elias Disney
Students have access to the latest technology and specialized labs in research areas such as artificial intelligence, visual computing, multimedia networking and research projects out of the classroom.
Web Application Development for the 2015 Crunchie Awards as well as on a Financial Dashboard for Venture Capitalists. HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Javascript, Grunt, Bower, Git, Neo4J Java Graph DB and REST API
Simluation Software teaching retail employees to use a POS hand-held device. 60,000+ text strings, 18 languages, 100 screens, 200 task scenarios. Single-Page-Application with backbone, html5, css3, & JQuery
An iOS7 rubic’s cube game with friends & colleagues instead of colors. A match of three spawns a multiple choice question that the match had either previously answered or authored themself. Earn BFF points together!
Responsive MVC front-end design with HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, CoffeeScript & AngularJS. Web Application Development for Information Lifecycle Management Appliances
Ai project written with functional clojure programming. It parses each definition from a dictionary & each synonym from a thesaurus. This resulting data store can explain how often words appear. It can also tally these indices
Animated video production for a series of commericals. The purpose of the media was to demonstrate information technology value and help pitch the federal government for local project budgets
Programmed enhancement features into a bot-versus-bot soccer game simulation. I added logic for strategic behavior on offensive & defensive: zig-zag dribble move, aggressive goalie if down & little time left, pass off wall...
HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery design: LEAP Leaders Emerging Among Professionals, a youth group within the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions corporation. Served as Technology Chair for three years.
Built learning games and application using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Titles include a cannon / reverse Arkanoid shooter, a flag memory quiz, a tipping calculator, and a Twitter api aggregator
Developed framework and content for 2012 ITS Strategic Plan. The purpose of the document was to outline tactical scope and demonstrate fulfillment to those in Washington, DC making budgeting decisions.
Designed an object-oriented elevator simulator that models a building, its floors, its elevators, its call boxes, controllers, its people, etc. Also wrote logic to perform analyses upon optimal elevator configuration
He desarrollado con el Drupal PHP framework. Escribí “custom modules” y diseñé los temas con CSS, JQuery y HTML. Negocié con Universal Music y DIRECTV para contenido de vídeo y gráficos.
Plan estratégico con el perfil focalización, análisis de la distribución, plan de adquisición de audiencia, la gestión de programador y pronósticos financieros. Negociado con STATS NewsCorp para datos y contenido.
Beach litter bin decoration fundraiser. Produced project budget, negotiated with printer, litter bin manufacturer, & local government for distribution of funds raised & permission to advertize on the beach. Raised $80,000k+
Strategic partnership between local environmental non-profit & the local fashion magazine to raise money in exchange for naming rights of public parks. Environmentally conscious behavior with Miami Beach attitude
Presidential website detailing the William J. Clinton library in Arkansas. Indexed 25,000 documents into a searchable database, taxonomy of articles, book excerpts, pictures & other multimedia (Video & Flash)
Programmed enhancement features into a bot-versus-bot soccer game simulation. I added logic for strategic behavior on offensive & defensive: zig-zag dribble move, aggressive goalie if down & little time left, pass off wall...
Sold Outdoor / Print Advertising and Group / Season Tickets • Event promotions, customer relations, and game day preparations • Attended the MLB Winter Meetings '98, '99
Founded and managed all areas of a weekly dining guide: Advertising Sales, Print & Distribution, Content & Illustration

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